Pearl is the precious treasures of nature, we should maintain them carefully. Thurs proper cleaning is very important!


 Pearls need fresh air. You should wear it at least one time for few months; Long-term storage in jewelry box will cause the luster of the pearl to fade out.
 After wearing your pearl jewelry, you should use a wet cloth to wipe the sweat stains or cosmetics on the pearls surface, and then place in a cool place to dry before storage.
 We suggest you to change the thread every three years for pearl necklaces. If you regularly wear your pearl necklace, it is recommended to replace the thread once a year.


 We should not put the pearls together with other jewelry, to avoid scratches.
 Do not wear it when bathing and swimming.
 Oil, lotion, cosmetics, dust and sweat will lose the original luster pearl and cause the pearl to become yellow color. (Such as hair spray, perfume, steam fumes, etc.)
 Bright light will make the pearl color fade, so do not place the pearl under strong sunlight.
 Necklace should not hang up for storage, the thread will be not tight as before.